Our company is engaged in the production and export to China of dry, semi-sweet and dessert wines, having achieved successful experience in promoting its own UKRAINIAN CROWN brand. We now offer a new service for guest bottling under your own trademark.

Our capabilities will provide you with a number of significant benefits:
• Our own raw materials range and a powerful bottling production line.
• Bottling in small batches.
• Competitive pricing.
• Priority for your Export order to China and other countries.

We have opened a new production site in the Odessa region, and we invite everyone to use our services for bottling your brands at our factory.

The large grape estates of Europe are located on the southern coastal steppes, where the temperate continental climate has the ambient temperature increasing by the end of summer. This contributes to a more complete maturation of medium-late grapes, in contrast to the conditions of viticulture in Western Europe.


The Saperavi Collection is reminiscent of the taste of chocolate with cherries. And if, of course, you are looking for something to never forget, Saperavi vintage dessert wine is the pride of our winery. And, to no lesser extent, is the envy of fellow winemakers. However, our winery is not only famous for our Saperavi

“Saperavi” in translation from Georgian means “the blood of the earth”. This is broadly known. In a philosophical and loving way. However UKRAINIAN-CROWN Saperavi and Georgian Saperavi are not the same. Ukrainian production creates a vintage dessert wine with a burgundy colour. Georgian Saperavi is a dry red wine. To talk about which is better and which is worse is ridiculous. To each his own, as the ancient Romans used to say. It’s another matter who likes what. If you still like something in this life …

Saperavi is divine, with the finest bouquet and magnificence of taste. The cause of passion and a source of pleasure. In addition, if you get to the winery itself or visit our tasting rooms, you can fully enjoy – if we talk about the reds – Cabernet and Kagor. The best whites are dry wines: Aligoté, Riesling, and Sylvaner. In my opinion, the one and a half dozen ordinary wines from the winery are also by no means the worst.

They say the barrel makes the wine. It’s difficult to argue with experts. Nevertheless, the climatic zone, the people, and, finally, luck, all together, are able to turn ordinary grape juice into a drink of the gods.

Collectively-owned vineyards are collective wineries –widely spread in such a place as Ukraine, which, according to climatic and other characteristics, makes them akin to the possessions of France. It would seem that this is down to the whim of nature and no more. If only! Not pampering, but the predestination of something: big and necessary. Not without good reason do we grow the same varieties of grapes as Chersonesus, and within only a thirty or forty kilometre radius, wine is also made. And sometimes it is truly vintage. But not every year. So to speak, this can be rather an exception than the rule. However, we ensure that our wines maintain our brand consistently.

In the whole world, in those countries where wine is consumed of course, the most popular wines are made from grapes of northern varieties. UKRAINIAN Saperavi is made from the Northern Saperavi grape variety. This tradition concerns, first of all, such “wine” countries as Italy and France. No, they are wonderful in their own way, and only more than a dozen winery varieties have been produced, but all of them, with the exception of wines prepared from grapes grown on the STEPPE are still just wines from southern varieties. Both the sugar content and taste of northern grapes outstrip the southern ones. Accordingly, the wine is also superior. Our target export wine to China