FED UP WITH 100% natural feed of our own production.
HALAL All our chicken is slaughtered according to Islamic Law Under the Constant Supervision of Halal Certification Center.
ISO 22000:2010 AND ISO 9001:2008 International Supervision of Quality and Safety Standards.


Due to the investments in production capacity the company continues its effective development and became 100% vertically-integrated company.

A vertically integrated structure allows to control all the levels of producing and allows to achieve high quality of products.

In flourishing cooperation within our group of companies we get full amount of eggs for incubation of parent stock, corn and sunflower that for 100% satisfy our needs for chicken growing and feeding.

Poultry Slaughtering Process is constantly controlled by the supervisors of Halal Certification and Research Center. Poultry is killed practically instantly and without pain. Using such method prevents from harmful influence on meat that can be affected by wrong process of slaughtering.

Halal requirements:
Using only completely natural raw materials.
Absence of harmful additives or any materials that may be unsafe for human consumption.
Constant control under the health of animals and use only natural feedstuff.
It is prohibited to use antibiotics or hormones that can accelerate growth and weight gaining.
Exclude any sufferings during or immediately before slaughtering.
Remove the blood as quickly as possible to achieve the highest quality safety of meat.