Beef half carcass


The company produces and supplies beef. The products have high quality and correspond with the requirements of the current rules and regulations thanks to the use of new efficient technologies.

For beef production we buy cattle which are reared on the territory of Western Ukraine. Automated slaughter is carried out on modern equipment in our own slaughterhouse. The slaughter line allows the company get chilled and frozen halves if it is necessary, and also trimming, by-products and skin.

Slaughtering according to modern principles, ensuring a high hygiene standard.
Highly trained employees, ensuring correct professional handling of the carcasses.

Independent veterinary inspection, before, during, and after slaughtering.
Classification of carcasses according to the EUROP system, providing accurate information on the meat quality of each individual animal

Free of hormones.
Ukrainian Crown practices a BSE-safe method of slaughtering which ensures that all risk material is removed.

Due to smart export strategy our brand has become well-known in Commonwealth of Independent States, GULF countries, African countries and many other countries. Just recently , we signed an agreement with Chinese beef importers on the supply of boneless meat to China.

All products correspond to the standards ISO 22000/9001 and HALAL certificated. Our products can be fresh and frozen: bulk carton boxes, packed in trays, block quick frozen (BQF).
Our Complex is one of the most vertically integrated companies of Ukraine. This allows us to control all stages of producing for 100%.

Our group of companies constantly increases its crop volumes and follows all technical innovations in order to strengthen its market positions.