Our company is engaged in the production and export of dry, semi-sweet and dessert wines, having achieved successful experience in promoting its own UKRAINIAN CROWN brand. We now offer a new service for guest bottling under your own trademark. We have opened a new production site in the Odessa region, and we invite everyone to use our services for bottling your brands at our factory…   READ MORE >>

The company produces and supplies beef. The products have high quality and correspond with the requirements of the current rules and regulations thanks to the use of new efficient technologies.
For beef production we buy cattle which are reared on the territory of  Western Ukraine.
Automated slaughter is carried out on modern equipment in our own slaughterhouse.
The slaughter line allows the company get chilled and frozen halves if it is necessary, and also trimming, by-products and skin…   READ MORE >>


Due to the investments in production capacity the company continues its effective development and became 100% vertically-integrated company.
A vertically integrated structure allows to control all the levels of producing and allows to achieve high quality of products…   READ MORE >>

This uniformity has been achieved through more than a 50 years of breeding, which has made Ukrainian pigs world famous for a high meat percentage and a good meat/fat distribution. Uniformity is also achieved by slaughtering the pigs when they are within a narrow weight range, and by carefully sorting the carcasses at the slaughterhouses after slaughtering…   READ MORE >>


Using existing equipment, specialists of our company established a technological process for producing unrefined, which allows the range of vitamins to be preserved and flavour qualities that correspond to the best examples, whether from world or domestic production.
The main difference in our production is in the absence in the technological chain of producing oil by extraction or other methods of aggressive processing of the product, which makes it possible to produce ecologically clean sunflower oil with excellent taste and consumer properties…   READ MORE >>