• Sep 16 2020
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customs clearance in Ukraine and Russia.
Customs clearance in Ukraine and Russia.

By contacting us, you will receive a full range of services on foreign trade relations between China and Ukraine.
Logistics – delivery of goods from the manufacturer to your warehouse. You say the coordinates of the manufacturer or the supplier’s warehouse and you receive the cargo with all documents at your warehouse in China, Ukraine, Russia.
Support during production “production outsourcing” – Search for a manufacturer (seller, supplier) control of the production of goods, transportation, customs clearance and delivery of goods to the customer.
Foreign economic activity consulting – providing information support on issues related to foreign economic activity. Consulting.
If you do not have experience in foreign trade, you need:
Find a product manufacturer
Calculate the cost of goods
Draw up a foreign trade contract Check cargo
Collect and submit documents for customs
Carry out the customs clearance process
Or you are already ordering goods from China and Ukraine, and are tired of solving dozens of issues with your supplier, customs and transport companies.