Contains pure muscle, no fat, no membranes and other inclusions visible to the naked eye, pieces of meat should be weighing not less than 60 grams;
Trimming 99/01 is obtained from the hip and the shoulder-carcasses, as well as from the dorsal and lumbar muscles.


Trimming 95/5 refers to muscle tissue. The connective and adipose tissue to the weight of the meat may be not more than 5%;
– Not allowed to have blood clots, fibrous connective tissue, bones, cartilage, pollution;
– Trimming 95/5 obtained from all parts of the carcass, namely pelvic femoral shoulder, spinal rib, neck and chest.


For trimming 80/20 varieties are less valuable parts of the carcass – intercostal meat, shank, neck, flank, sternum, containing up to 20% by weight of meat connective tissue and fat;
– In trimming 80/20 tolerance of small tendons and membranes;
– Trimming 80/20 derived from the following parts of the carcass: hip, shoulder, spinal ribs, neck, flank, sternum, dorsal and lumbar muscle.
– Not allowed: the presence of fibrous connective tissue, cartilage, blood clots, small bones.


Origin Ukraine