We founded the company in August 2016.
In the beginning we were 3 people, it all started with the export of food products for export to China.
As with any endeavor, not everything went well. I will be honest, starting a business with China, you do not see most of the nerves, you do not know how to solve simple problems.
Of course, we know of cases when a container of chocolate eggs was transported, where all the eggs were broken and the toys inside were the same.
When, when sending wine, the winery supplied poor-quality corks to save a couple of hundred dollars, subsequently the bottles leaked. And many, different stories …The years passed.
And, probably, now we are one of those who are the best on the market, who knows how to work without problems with factories in China and Ukraine.
When a company works in customs clearance and accompanying a client in purchasing goods, it is just beginning its journey in international trade, mistakes are inevitable, harmony is lost. Experience comes over the years. Be with us.